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A Guide to the Practice of Travel Medicine in the South African Context by Various

Date : 2012

Publisher : SASTM Publications

ISBN : 978-0-620-53157-3

Cost: R 180.00 Including VAT
Postage: R 35.00

    Chapter 1: The scope of travel medicine
    Chapter 2: Ethical aspects in the practice of travel medicine
    Chapter 3: The setting up and running of a travel clinic
    Chapter 4: Occupational health and travel medicine
    Chapter 5: Psychological aspects of travel and relocation
    Chapter 6: Rabies - A practical guide
    Chapter 7: The ABC of malaria prophylaxis and treatment
    Chapter 8: Vaccines and the traveller
    Chapter 9: The paediatric traveller
    Chapter 10: The pregnant traveller
    Chapter 11: The immunocompromised traveller
    Chapter 12: The disabled traveller
    Chapter 13: Preparing the traveller for air travel
    Chapter 14: Travelling to altitude
    Chapter 15: Dive medicine
    Chapter 16: An approach to the management of snake bites
    Chapter 17: Marine venoms: implications for the traveller
    Chapter 18: Research and travel medicine
    Chapter 19: Travel medicine resources

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